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Accepting Patients in California & Alaska

Dr. Mo is licensed in California and Alaska, so this practice only accepts patients who can initiate their first appointment while physically located in either of these states.

Seems a bit wonky, doesn’t it? So, let us explain.

State Licensing

The medical system in the US is siloed, and each state has its own rules and regulations. One medication is over the counter in one state and a prescription in another.

For us to run a virtual practice, we can only advertise to individuals where Dr. Mo is licensed. And though patients can be in any other state or travel the world in the future, the initial consultation requires us to ask where you are physically located.

Due to the complexity of multi-state licensing and the nature of a virtual medical practice, we decided to limit our practice to our California & Alaska medical licenses.

If we expand this in the future, we’ll change this information appropriately.

Proving Your Location

We respect your privacy so we would never ask for any proof. However, the first question each of our new patients is asked is whether you are physically located in California.

This ensures that the patient-doctor relationship is established in the appropriate state and that we are all abiding by the rules.

Ongoing Care Across the World

The patient-doctor relationship is very important to us. We hope that the patients we serve will be life-long patients of Dr. Mo.

Just because a person chooses to travel the world, it doesn’t mean that they should have less of a right to have a healthy, long-term primary care relationship with their physician.

Once we complete that initial consultation in the US, feel free to move about freely. No matter where you are, our support team and network will ensure that you have access to the top facilities, regardless of your location.

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