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Telemedicine for Digital Nomads

I’ve been a remote worker since 2016 and a digital nomad since 2017. As a wild rock climber, I collect injuries, and as a middle-aged man, I need primary care. Telemedicine for digital nomads was born out of this need.

My home base is in Portland, Oregon, but I spend a lot of time in Europe. Specifically, in Spain.

Telemedicine for Digital Nomads

Most of my patients are young and generally active. They have little need for primary care. But they definitely need urgent care services.

If my patients are in California, I can prescribe them medications there since I have a state medical license.

But oftentimes, my patients are abroad. They have diarrhea in Cambodia or fevers in Egypt. Knowing the common pathogens in those areas is important and having connections on the ground for good quality care is critical.

Different countries manage illness differently. It’s not my way or their way. But if you are US-based, then there is a standard of care you’re accustomed to. That’s what I deliver.

Lab Tests Abroad

Even in the US, you can get lab tests done for quite cheap. It’s just that the cash prices aren’t advertised, and most of us are only familiar with how much our insurance is billed.

I can get a full STD panel or cholesterol panel for my patients for less than $50. Often even less than that with my Telemedicine for Digital Nomads practice.

Overseas, lab tests are far cheaper, except in parts of Europe. Often you won’t need a prescription for a lab test, nor do you have to be seen by a doctor first.

A visit with me saves you the headache of spending money on a lab test you never needed in the first place.

Emergency Care

Outside of the US, healthcare is quite affordable. Rarely will you need to go to the emergency room for anything. Most clinics or urgent cares can handle even basic emergency needs.

When in doubt, it’s always safer to call an ambulance. But when your life isn’t in immediate danger, I prefer that you contact my telemedicine for digital nomads service so that we can discuss your options.

Many countries offer home calls where the physician and their team visit you.

Overseas Imaging Studies

Imagine you are abroad and suffer a knee injury. Do you need an x-ray, an MRI? That’s the first thing to figure out.

Next, where do you get this done? Usually, you can go to a private hospital and request the study. But you might save money if you visit a doctor and have them order it for you.


My digital nomad telemedicine services include primary care for ongoing chronic issues. Things like high blood pressure or diabetes are common.

But the bulk of my care is urgent care. During our telemedicine visit, we can discuss your symptoms, and I’ll assess the severity of them, and we can discuss what to do next.

Prescription Medications

Even though I don’t have to prescribing rights overseas, many pharmacies will honor your own doctor’s prescription even if it’s not in that country.

I have talked to pharmacies internationally to get my patients the care they need.

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