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How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor

What makes for a great doctor? How do you choose a primary care doctor who helps you improve your health? In this article, I’ll review the characteristics of an ideal doctor, someone I strive to be someday. 1. Listens & Communicates Listening is empathy, and feeling heard is a beautiful experience. The kind of physician […]

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Health Screening – The Business Side

Hello, Dr. Mo here with Digital Nomad Health. When I used to work at Kaiser Permanente, primary care was a health screening business where patients were fed into specialty groups, and documentation determined how much Medicare would reimburse KP. Not much has changed. That is why direct pay models are essential to ensure patient health. […]

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Getting the Most Out of Doctor Visits – Asking Better Questions

Your doctor has a lot of experience, expertise, and knowledge about your medical condition. However, in a busy setting and especially one in which the doctor views you as yet another customer it’s hard to really connect. Vulnerability is an important part of the patient-doctor relationship and it goes both ways. Getting the most out […]

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Patient-Doctor, Therapeutic Alliance

In medical school, physicians are taught to view diseases and scientific processes and approach diagnosis and treatment similarly. Once in practice, however, it’s not diseases that physicians treat but individuals – unique people, each with their own twist on life. It’s the therapeutic alliance these two individuals strike up that uncovers conditions called ‘diseases,’ and […]