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How to Decrease Hunger Cravings

Hunger has an emotional and hormonal component. Or perhaps these are one and the same process. But it makes more sense to consider them two separate factors since they can be manipulated to decrease hunger cravings. Hormonal Emotional Insulin Boredom Ghrelin Stress Leptin Anxiety Cortisol Exhaustion Hormonal Factors Our patients who use continuous glucose monitors […]

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A Diet Plan is Less Effective Nutrition Plan

Following a diet is very different from choosing a nutrition plan. A diet plan is meant to help you achieve short-term results but is rarely a long-term plan. While nutrition is the building block or structure of everything we eat. It’s not quite semantics because it’s easy to follow a catchy diet and miss the […]

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Raising GLP1 Naturally

Medications such as semaglutide have given us a more mainstream understanding of the importance of GLP1s. As these medications mimic the activity of this molecule, we can raise GLP1s naturally in the body. The Source of GLP1 This molecule is considered a hormone in the body and is produced by cells in the intestines and […]

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A Health Strategy For Health Decisions

How to decide what to do and what not to do for your health. Because we are constantly facing health decisions and marketing experts hope that we make one choice over another. A personal health strategy will make health decisions easier. It’s tough enough making decisions about our health but it’s even tougher when you’re […]