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How to Prevent Muscle Loss With Age

We lose muscle mass with age because of hormone changes and because muscle cells lose their ability to repair themselves. Many lose muscle mass also because they move around less and do less resistance training. The main problem with losing muscle mass is that muscle cells are critical for maintaining blood sugar and even lipid […]

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Strength, Flexibility, Stability

Our patients here at Digital Nomad Health are interested in living a better quality of life with less disease and less medical intervention. One way to achieve this is developing the perfect harmony of strength, flexibility, and stability – we refer to this as Strength-Flow. 1. Strength Lifting weights or any resistance training isn’t just […]

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Preventing BPH

Mainstream medicine is often concerned with how to treat BPH, but here at Digital Nomad Health, we ask how to prevent BPH. Preventing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is our main concern, and treating it is secondary. Causes of BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia seems to happen due to changes in hormone levels and inflammation. The following are […]


Heart Healthy Aging

I believe in an individual approach when it comes to health. But some basic tenets are worth paying attention to regarding heart healthy aging. A heart healthy approach to aging makes sense because it’s no longer war, famine, and infectious diseases responsible for most deaths. For those of you reading this, you are likely more […]