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How to Screen for AFib

Atrial fibrillation is when the heart’s electrical system fails to produce proper heartbeats, often due to fibrosis of the heart muscle. It can lead to heart failure and strokes, which is why it’s an important condition to detect early. Here is how to screen for AFib at home, especially if you are at high risk […]

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Reversible Causes of AFib – Atrial Fibrillation

A great book by Drs. Day and Bunch, titled The AFib Cure, is a recommended read for our patients who are at risk of AFib or who have the diagnosis. In this article, I’d like to review a few of the common causes and explain how to reverse AFib or prevent the recurrence of it. […]

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Proven Ways to Prevent AFib

It’s not on most people’s radar, but there are proven ways to prevent AFib – Atrial Fibrillation – a cardiovascular condition that increases the risk of strokes and heart failure. A great book we recommend to our patients is The AFIB Cure. It’s empowering and written by knowledgeable authors. Lifetime Risk of AFib The lifetime […]