Slow Medicine for Healing

Modern medicine relies heavily on chemicals and surgeries for quick treatments. However, healing and cures take time. It’s what many refer to as slow medicine.

The healing is facilitated by health experts, and the curing is mainly done by nature – it’s the body’s work.

Slowing Down Western Medicine

I’m a big fan of more extended visits with my heart health clients. I often need an extra hour to make it through the most essential points.

I need time to get to know them as individuals and then learn about how they view healing and what health means.

In my clinical practice I spend on average 7 minutes with a patient. There is just enough time for pleasantries, followed by a prescription or a canned response to a classic clinical presentation.

Slowing down western medicine is unlikely to achieve the results we are looking for.

Slow Medicine and Heart Health

Slower medicine means allowing my heart health clients to come along for the ride. They need time to digest my perspective on heart health and share theirs.

The cardiovascular system doesn’t respond as quickly as the skin or the musculoskeletal system. It needs time and fine-tuning.

This style of care is as much about building a relationship with my client as it is about giving time for the vessels and neurovascular structures to adapt to the adjustments.

More Time with You

Sometimes I spend 2 hours talking to a client. Slow, indeed. But we’re not talking about blood pressure the entire time.

I don’t take socialization for granted when it comes to healing. Avoiding a rush in care allows for tangents and deeper conversations.

I learn from my clients as much as they learn from me. I need the time afforded by slow medicine to have a chance to help with healing.

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