Patient Resources

To establish a legal patient-doctor relationship with patients, you must be physically located in California for your first appointment with Dr. Mo. After that, he will remain your primary care physician no matter where you are located in the world.

How do patients navigate the logistics of primary care if they cannot be seen in person? The following paragraphs offer relevant patient resources.

Laboratory Services

Most labs will allow patients to request their own blood tests. However, these are charged at higher prices.

Digital Nomad Health partners with most labs and gets discounted prices for basic lab tests. This drops the price of a cholesterol panel from $150 to $70.

Imaging Services

We partner with imaging centers, such as HTC Imaging, MDSave, and Radiology Assist, to obtain MRIs, CTs, and Ultrasounds.

Green Imaging offers transparent pricing and a great customer service for most imaging studies with MRIs as low as $250 cash out of pocket.

For body composition needs, a DEXA scan at discounted prices is offered through BodySpec.

Whether you are located in California, Florida, or Greece, at Digital Nomad Health, we’ll help you arrange the right test in the right location.


Occasionally, patients need a biopsy, a PAP smear, or a prostate exam. These are infrequent enough that arrangements are made with local specialists to have these performed.

Digital Nomad Health will arrange these procedures with you and let you know what they will cost. The results will then be reviewed with you, and the next steps will be discussed.


Many of our patients are digital nomads; traveling is desirable and fun. We commonly refer patients to Surgery Center of Oklahoma to evaluate and complete major surgical interventions.

A proponent of Free Market Medicine, Texas Medical Management, has various surgery sites that are all cash-based in Texas. And their reviews speak for themselves.

For orthopedic needs, the Reno Orthopedic Center has its prices listed for common evaluation appointments and surgical procedures.

For the more adventurous, there are plenty of Joint Commission-accredited hospitals worldwide, from Hospital Costamed Cozumel to Institut Jantung Negara in Malaysia.

Specialty Referrals

In certain circumstances, we need input from specialists in the ongoing care of a patient. When the patient isn’t managed by a specialist, i.e., a rheumatologist, a virtual consult is done through RubiconMD to gain further insight.

Dr. Mo may also refer you to a specialist directly for an in-person or virtual visit when necessary, such as with a Preventative Cardiologist.

Cash-based virtual neurology consultations are available from companies such as Neura Health.

Prescriptions Benefits

With patient resources such as GoodRx and CostPlus Pharmacy, DiRx, it’s much easier to find affordable medication.

ScriptCo offers transparent pricing where you can search your medication name and see how much you’ll pay.

Due to poor oversight over generic medications, independent companies such as Valisure test medications for impurities.

PhatmacyChecker allows you to order medications from trusted international pharmacies, whether generic or brand name.

Our philosophy at DNH is to avoid medications whenever possible; the secondary goal is to use the least amount of meds necessary.

Supplements & Herbs

The FDA does not regulate supplements or herbs the way they do prescription medications. For that reason, we advise DNH patients to research such additives themselves. As part of our patient resources, we like to share reputable sources for researching supplements and complementary products.

NCCIH is run by the NIH and allows you to research common herbal supplements. The list is good but you may not find much information on something as ubiquitous as magnesium.

ConsumerLab is a paid but inexpensive service where you can research various brand-name supplements, OTCs, and herbals. NatMed is a paid resource as well and claims to be the “most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies.”