Publishing Principles

What: At Digital Nomad Health, we write about health, how to maintain it, achieve it, and what defines health & wellbeing. The goal is to educate and build a community of empowered individuals who address their own health needs and communicate effectively with their clinical team.

Who: The audience for DNH is anyone who is in search of or has a definition of health. The patient, the person, the individual who benefits from this content, has worked hard to achieve their current state of health and is perpetually seeking ways to stay healthy and prevent chronic diseases.

Why: The topics of interest relate to the founder, Mohammad Ashori MD, a physician who will forever also be a patient. Western Medicine is backed by powerful research, but it’s not the only field of science addressing health. We have also seen time and time again that one-dimensional approaches to health rarely succeed. We write this content to reach those who find themselves in the same situation as Dr. Mo – searching for knowledge to maintain their health, improve it, and prevent or delay chronic diseases of aging.