Virtual Primary Care Monthly Membership$100
One-time setup fee$75
Non-member Virtual Primary Care Appointment$85
Lab testsVariable
Imaging studiesVariable

The above prices are the fees associated with being a member of the Digital Nomad Health virtual primary care practice.

Virtual Primary Care Prices

The initiation fee will cover the onboarding into the practice and obtaining any previous medical records.

The monthly subscription fee will cover all virtual appointments, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on need.

By becoming a practice member, you have unlimited access to Dr. Mo and the staff. There are generally no wait times for appointments, unlike traditional practices.

Lab Tests

We get discounted pricing for labs which we pass on directly to our patients. We don’t profit from the laboratory examinations.

Most important tests cost less than $10 each. Our patients often can have their full blood panel done for under $100, and often far less.

Imaging Studies

It’s frustrating having to wait for an insurance company to approve an ultrasound. With our discounted rates, you can go to different imaging centers all over the US and worldwide to obtain an ultrasound for less than $150.

We do not profit from your imaging studies, and prices are determined by our radiology partners. But MRIs often cost around $300 and CTs about $250.

Hourly Consultations

Patients may elect to pay for their visits hourly at the virtual primary care price listed above.

You can book them directly on the website when such appointments are available. Most patients, however, are encouraged to enroll using the membership model.

Ancillary Healthcare Costs

The direct-pay membership cost ensures that you have ongoing, timely access to Dr. Mo, a board-certified Family Medicine physician.

Though you can elect to use your health insurance for reimbursement, we cannot bill your insurance company directly since we are a cash-only practice with no third-party payer relationships.

Please see the patient resources page to get some ideas as to the prices of prescriptions, imaging tests, and lab tests.