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Nomad Wellness Membership Costs

[12/2023] Join the waitlist if interested in the Nomad Wellness Membership. Book a free call above to learn more.

The membership is $100/month, and we meet one-on-one monthly.

Hourly Consult Rate

For second medical opinions and individual consultations, you can book time with me at 15-minute intervals to discuss your clinical case.

Membership Terms

Nomad Wellness is a monthly membership model with flexible access to the clinic for patients in California & Alaska.

The monthly subscription fee will cover all virtual appointments, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


We get discounted lab pricing, which we pass on directly to our patients. We don’t profit from the laboratory examinations.

Most important tests cost less than $10 each. Our patients often can have their full blood panel done for under $100, and often far less.


It’s frustrating having to wait for an insurance company to approve an ultrasound. With our discounted rates, you can go to different imaging centers all over the US and worldwide to obtain an ultrasound for less than $150.

We do not profit from your imaging studies; our radiology partners determine prices. But MRIs often cost around $300 and CTs about $250.