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Nomad Medical Services

Healthcare is unpredictable, and aside from job changes, moves, and changing health insurance, plenty of other unpredictibilities keep you from prioritizing your health. At Digital Nomad Health, my goal is to make healthcare more accessible to my patients by offering nomad medical services to those who don’t have a set location.

As a fellow digital nomad, I spend my time in Europe, Asia, and the US. My patients are those who work from abroad or travel from place to place. Having access to a primary care physician is important.

Healthcare Access While Abroad

You sprained your ankle while hiking in the Philippines. The ankle is swollen and red, but you can put some weight on it. The X-ray is cheap, so you get one done locally and keep walking on it. But two weeks later, the pain is worse, and you’re suffering.

Certain ankle injuries aren’t easily diagnosed by X-ray alone. A CT scan or MRI is needed, and early physical therapy might be important. This requires a bit of coordination by your doctor, especially when it’s done virtually. However, it will ensure that you return to normal activity quickly instead of the alternative, which might be early ankle osteoarthritis.

Another example might be being admitted to the hospital for a leg infection, which is treated with excessively broad antibiotics, causing major intestination complications. This can be prevented by determining if inpatient care is needed in the first place. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good.

Unnecessary Surgeries

When traveling, we are away from our home medical team. It’s normal to feel more vulnerable and make quick decisions. A simple ankle sprain or a mild fracture can turn into an unnecessary ankle surgery.

When my patients are traveling, I’m always right there with them, either live during the visit in the hospital or a phone call or text away to talk through the best health decisions for my patient.

Virtual Nomad Medical Services

This kind of concierge service is often only available to executives and is absurdly expensive. Fortunately, my medical practice is small, and I work with all patients.

Digital Nomad Health doesn’t accept health insurance, which keeps administrative costs down. Without a physical medical practice, I pass those savings down to patients.

Sure, I’d have a physical practice if most of my patients were in Los Angeles, but that’s rarely the case. You guys are traveling, moving, busy, and accustomed to virtual medical care. So, that’s where I’m at.

You get unlimited access to me and my medical team for one flat monthly fee.

Digital Nomad Health’s mission is to keep you healthy by preventing chronic diseases and helping you maximize your wellness metrics. We’ll help you think through your tough medical decisions!

Our Remote Medical Services

As a member of DNH, you get unlimited direct access to me. This is important because a healthy patient-doctor relationship is built over time, and nothing is more important than having access to a health expert you trust.

My team and I coordinate your care regardless of where you are located in the world. If you need just a second set of eyes, a second medical opinion, or to be flown from one hospital to another, we can help arrange all that.

Our nomad medical services also include helping you navigate the healthcare system abroad. We’re not new to medical systems in other countries, so we can help you make the best health decisions and choose the right hospitals if necessary.

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