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Living With Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that can be tough to diagnose since the symptoms often present vaguely. Fortunately, Rheumatologists are quite familiar with this condition and can offer life-changing treatments for it.

One of the most important things we do here at Digital Nomad Health is to educate and empower our patients regarding their health.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


According to the WHO, health is having complete well-being, when in reality, health is in constant flux and is definite by how well we recover and cope with illness or disease.

This is apparent in some of our patients who live good lives with their Lupus diagnosis despite individual ups and downs. While someone else, perhaps even with a less severe disease, may feel completely overwhelmed by this condition.

Lupus Patient Education

LUPUS 100 is a wonderful project that answers the most common Lupus questions to educate and empower patients. It has been curated by medical experts all over Europe.

Fortunately, some Rheumatologists can help manage such conditions remotely and have fair cash prices.

Patient groups, such as those on Reddit or at, are a great place to explore how others have experienced this condition and learned to cope.

There is no perfect patient group, only the right one for you. Each online community has its own style and feel, so it’s worthwhile to spend time exploring each available resource.

Primary Care Doctors for Lupus Patients

A Rheumatologist is the best person to consult with when you need a definitive diagnosis of Lupus. Even then, not all cases are as clear and require further workup.

Once diagnosed, any person with chronic medical conditions is concerned that they may not get adequate preventative care.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough data on this, and patients may rely too much on their Rheumatologists to manage their day-to-day primary care needs.

At Digital Nomad Health, we don’t take on all patients but those enrolled in the practice are evaluated for particular risks unique to them.

Preventative Care for Lupus Patients

We don’t like referring to individuals as “Lupus patients,” but this is meant to convey the idea. After all, we’re always unique individuals and not defined by our illnesses, jobs, or social status.

Cancer Screening

With rates of cancer higher in individuals with Lupus, screening for cancer, especially those cancers with a high cure rate is critical.

The study linked above showed an average cancer screening of only 65%.

We know that catching breast cancer, colon cancer, or cervical cancer early has a near 100% chance of a cure. A primary care doctor can help arrange such screening tests and help you make the best decisions.


Though recent political disagreements have complicated the topic of immunization, we know certain vaccines are incredibly effective and life-saving.

With only a 60% immunization rate, this exposes most individuals living with Lupus to a high risk of infections.

The study concludes that:

A higher number of physician visits and involvement of generalist providers in care was associated with a higher likelihood of receiving most services


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