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Keep Your Primary Care Doctor Forever

Insurance changes, jobs change, we move across the country, and even our finances sometimes take a hit. But there is no reason for you ever again to lose your primary care doctor. Keep your primary care doctor regardless of how your circumstances change; it’s one of the most important health relationships we have in healthcare.

Subscription-Based Primary Care

There are a few telehealth companies, such as SteadMD, that are offering virtual-first access to primary care doctors. But I haven’t come across any larger organizations where you can choose your primary care doctor and keep them that exact primary care doctor.

Here at Digital Nomad Health, the idea was to imitate the concept of digital nomads who can change locations to anywhere in the world while maintaining their standard of living by having access to the internet.

I choose my patients, and my patients choose me; together, we become a pair focusing on your health. The importance of a long-term relationship is to get to know each other. Inevitably, we all will eventually deal with a health emergency of some sort, and having a doctor who knows your history guide you through the tough decisions is invaluable.

Changing Jobs or Health Insurance

In the health insurance system, you are tied to an ecosystem. If you are at a large HMO like Kaiser Permanente, if you change jobs or insurance, then you would no longer have access to that particular primary care doctor.

A virtualist primary care physician like myself works online; I meet my patients where they are, also online. By not being tied down to a brick-and-mortar practice, I can stay mobile and flexible.

My patients can change jobs, lose their jobs, change health insurance plans, or even forgo health insurance altogether – they will still have access to me. I’ve never turned a patient away, even if they cannot afford my services.

Exactly because I don’t have the high overhead of office rent or a high malpractice premium or full-time staff salaries, I can afford to support my patients through any financial change they experience.

Digital Nomad Health’s mission is to keep you healthy by preventing chronic diseases and helping you maximize your wellness metrics. We’ll help you think through your tough medical decisions!

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