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I’m a Digital Nomad Doctor

Even digital nomads need a doctor from time to time. It’s good to build that relationship early on so that you feel comfortable being abroad in a new healthcare system.

I’m both a digital nomad doctor and a doctor for digital nomads. I had a blast finding the right SEO keyword for this. Let me explain what I do as a physician, and you can see if you are the right kind of patient for my practice.

Digital Nomads Need Doctors

Regardless of your travel destination, health advice is always needed. Most digital nomads are handy with a keyboard and can accurately self-diagnose and self-manage their conditions.

Occasionally, something more complex happens in the body, requiring an expert medical opinion. If you’re abroad in a strange country, you may not feel comfortable navigating their healthcare system for your health needs.

It’s nice to have a telemedicine physician who knows you and can help you manage your health conditions regardless of where you find yourself in your travels.

A Digital Nomad Doctor for DNs

I’m a nomad, a traveler, and a physician. My medical practice is mostly online except when I’m in California, seeing patients in person.

I know what it’s like to be in Mexico, Spain, Germany, or Iran and need healthcare or just a pharmacy with the proper over-the-counter medications.

Most of my patients are relatively healthy. Some have a few chronic medical conditions I manage, but the rest utilize me as a healthcare expert who can help them navigate their abdominal pain in Vietnam or their broken ankle in Greece.

As a digital nomad physician, I spend hours on my laptop taking care of my patients from random parts of the world. It’s a lifestyle I’ve grown to love since 2016, when I first trialed it in Oakland, CA.

Legal Logistics

Healthcare is a lucrative business, and so it’s highly regulated. Though human physiology and anatomy don’t change in different parts of the world, I have no right to practice abroad.

I can’t even practice in Nevada with my California state medical license. This kind of interrupted healthcare in a very connected world is frustrating for patients whose health doesn’t care about borders.

I can always offer medical advice and help you navigate the local healthcare system, but I cannot prescribe medications in another country or state.

In fact, the first time you and I connect, if you aren’t located in California, I can only offer general medical advice, and we cannot establish an official patient-doctor relationship.

If you’re a digital nomad looking to travel, I recommend establishing care with me the next time you are in CA.

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