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How To Lower ApoB Levels

We discussed the importance of measuring apoB levels to understand someone’s Heart Disease risk. Now, let’s talk about what we can do to lower apoB and by how much.

Diet: 5-10%

For most of us, reducing saturated fat intake and excess processed carbs could have an additive effect on lowering apoB levels.

Increasing fiber intake and switching to more whole plant-based foods with the occasional healthier oil options will further lower apoB levels.

Some clients believe that saturated fat can be good and cite research that it may not be as harmful as some claim. Our Heart Health Coaching Program settles this debate through lab tests by monitoring not only apoB levels but also inflammatory markers.

Exercise: 7%

Some studies show that exercising 30 minutes 5 times weekly can lower apoB levels. Most of these studies focus on aerobic exercise and less on resistance training.

At HHC, we believe that resistance training can be incredibly potent when done properly and long enough.

Insulin Resistance: 10-15%

The factors that improve insulin sensitivity and, therefore, lower insulin resistance are often the same things as above – dietary change and exercise.

However, there are independent factors that make insulin more sensitive in the body that involve VLDL production. Or perhaps it’s all related and difficult to tease out in studies.

Weight Loss: 10-20%

Some individuals have apoB production/clearance pathways incredibly sensitive to weight. Losing weight helps improve apoB by as much as 20%.

Stress Reduction: 5%

Stress is part of everyday life. It’s the type we cannot cope with that is the most damaging. There are plenty of proven coping strategies out there, as well as medication techniques.

8 weeks of meditation could lower apoB levels by up to 5%.

Sleep Improvement: 10%

When it comes to sleep, we care about restful sleep. Any number like “7-8” hours is often too vague. Some of our patients need 9-10, while others can go a few days with 6-7, and they can recover with more sleep later.

It’s rare to see someone who does well when consistently getting too little sleep. When their sleep is improved, we see apoB lowering by 10%.

Want to Lower Your ApoB?

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