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Future Healthcare Costs in the US

Here at Digital Nomad Health, we believe in a bright future for healthcare. Many aspects of US healthcare are moving in the right direction, but corporate greed and biased regulations are also in the mix. The savvy consumer can plan for future healthcare costs in the US.

The biggest expenses a person will experience when it comes to health are health emergencies, health insurance, and long-term care.

Health Insurance

Over the past few decades, the trend has been consistent in the direction of increased out-of-pocket expenses for health insurance premiums and insurance-based healthcare.

Fortunately, we are also seeing alternative options, such as cost-sharing services and DPC, which are growing in popularity.

It’s unlikely for short-term health insurance plans or catastrophic plans to come back in a meaningful way; many individuals will have to depend on their employers to afford their health insurance premiums.

With corporate greed, as premiums increase, the medical and hospital groups focus more on highly reimbursed procedures and interventions.

Health Emergencies

When we are at our most vulnerable, that’s when we might end up in the ER or Urgent Care and accept expensive treatments, believing that it will save our life or prevent permanent damage.

Often, what is considered a medical emergency is anything but. However, that’s only something a patient can determine with their own physician.

Here at DNH, we believe in long-term relationships with our patients to help us determine when there is a need for immediate intervention. All the while holding our patient’s hands while in the ER to ensure they are being treated like an individual and not a pocketbook.

Long-Term Care

Long-term health insurance has its problems, but for those who can afford it, the product can be a great tool.

Future healthcare costs, even in the long-term space, will likely affect many of us. As we age, our healthcare needs increase, especially if we maintain standard lifestyles and deprioritize prevention.

An insurance product such as long-term care insurance may not be the best option for many. Instead, assisted living or cohabitation options may be just as effective for the right individuals.

At DNH, we perform house calls in Los Angeles when necessary. Our patients enjoy their homes and have the confidence to live alone.

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