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Finding a Good Doctor in Health Sharing Plans

If you’re part of a health sharing plan or health sharing ministry, finding a good doctor is quite important. Chances are you don’t want to be part of the insurance-based system due to their false incentives but you also don’t want to put tee tree oil on every new ache & pain in your body.

Cash-Based Doctors

The reason some doctors exit the insurance model is because they are told how to practice medicine by a business entity. Often, this business entity wants the best for the patient but there are times when the doctor disagrees but is powerless to stand up to a large medical group, hospital system, or insurance plan which might kick her out of network at the blink of an eye.

Cash-based doctors may be part of a Direct Primary Care network which many might be familiar with – essentially a subscription based service – similar to what we offer here at DNH. Or, they might offer one-off consults for patients either in person or virtually.

The Cost of Cash Care

A visit to a private practice proctologist might set you back as much as $500 for 1 hour. But the kind of care & attention you receive is unparalleled. And depending on your health sharing plan, you could have the entire visit covered or may have an initial out of pocket expense.

It’s much better to be seen by a physician who only has your best interest in mind and might save you thousands of dollars of future visits, unnecessary medication, and surgeries. You’ll suffer less, get better faster, and have ongoing support throughout the healing journey.

Here at Digital Nomad Health you can book 15-minute increments with Dr. Mo to address your overall health and devise a disease prevention strategy to keep you healthy well into the future.

Finding Good Quality Doctors

Doctors are humans, so you’ll find every which kind, from stellar to crooked. Fortunately, there are very few bad doctors out there because the process of getting licensed and maintaining licensure filters out a lot of the bad.

The best place to start is word of mouth. Ask your fellow friends and family which doctor they’ve seen who is great at what they do. If you have other physicians as part of your health team, ask them for recommendations as well. And be sure to utilize the resources of your health sharing plan to recommend some cash-based physicians.

A great doctor will be attentive, let you speak, understand your situation, brainstorm with you, and never judge you. Their only goal is help you on your health journey.

Look for the following characteristics in your ideal health sharing plan doctor:

  • Good sense of humor
  • Listens to you
  • Talks less than you do
  • Asks great questions
  • Is personable
  • Holds you accountable
  • Offers you more than one option of care
  • Can put themselves in your shoes
  • Empowers you
  • Focuses on prevention
  • Discusses pricing openly & transparently

Using Your Health Sharing Plan

If you have a health sharing plan like Sedera or a crowdfunded health plan like Crowd Health then you have easy access to private practice, cash-pay doctors through doctor finder page.

Depending on your plan, you might have a set out-of-pocket expense before your spending is covered. For example, many choose to pay the first $500 out of pocket to keep their monthly health sharing plan costs low.

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