Favorite Books


By Dr. H. Gilbert Welch

A clinical dive into the many tests and interventions we do in medicine that aren’t based on solid science.

The book does a fantastic job of explaining why many tests don’t change the outcomes we want, making them unnecessary, costly, and often harmful.


By Dr. Peter Attia

Dr. Attia summarizes his thinking about longevity and healthy living—not just lifespan but healthspan. He is a great storyteller who is very clear about what he believes.

Heavy exercise, a high-protein diet, and a massive supplement list may not be the kind of life most people strive for, but the ideas behind his interpretation of medical science are worth exploring.

The Price We Pay

By Marty Makary MD

It’s one thing to believe that the healthcare system is broken and another to understand why it’s broken: middlemen, lack of price transparency, price-gouging, and health policy that profits doing to patients over doing for patients.

The Path to Longevity

Luigi Fontana MD, PhD

It’s not a book on how to biohack your way toward living the longest life possible. Instead, it is a great scientific review of what prevents illness and the exact roles diet, exercise, and social relationships have on our physiology.

The A-Fib Cure

John Day MD, T. Jared Bunch MD

I recommend this book to every one of my patients who wants to remain medication-free, especially those with AFib or hypertension.

Many cardiologists tend to discuss all the medical treatments available for treating this condition. Few, like these authors, discuss how to avoid taking medications or having procedures performed.


Vinay Prasad MD

Cancer is one of the most sensitive topics in medicine and one of the most profitable.

Dr. Prasad discusses how the current approach to oncology, oncology research, and patient care isn’t based on proper science. It’s a way for patients to regain autonomy in this disease.