What’s the cost?

Please click the Prices page for the most updated prices. The idea is to charge a low enough monthly fee to encourage a long-term patient-doctor relationship and offer a single-consult price for those who can’t afford the monthly fee.

Can I get a refund?

All membership fees are month to month and you pay your dues after the month of service. If for any reason you are unhappy or unable to afford the service you don’t have to make the payment.

What if I miss a payment?

To provide fair access to all patients if a member misses 60 days or payments, their agreement with us will be terminated, and no further payments need to be made.

It will be assumed that the member is no longer subscribed to our practice and both parties will be absolved of any financial liabilities.

How many times can I see the doctor?

We prefer to visit with most of the patients at least once a month. Many will initially benefit from more frequent visits until we stabilize any long-term medical problems. There is no hard cap on the number of visits; the doctor and patient will determine the frequency together.

How long are the appointments?

Most appointments end up being 30 minutes but for our more complex clinical cases, we reserve 1-1.5 hours. There is no hard cap on the length of time and appointments are blocked for 60 minutes.

What’s your panel size?

Each physician at Digital Nomad Health will have a patient panel of 150 – 250. For more complex patients it’s best to have a small panel which frees up time for researching medical topics and having longer appointment times.

Do you prescribe controlled substances?

In order to comply with state regulations, we have chosen not to prescribe controlled medications. We have partner clinics and providers for any such needs where our patients can get such medications.

As Primary Care physicians in this quickly changing medical-legal landscape, we have decided to hand over the management of controlled medications to our specialist colleagues with far superior training and expertise.

Do you do in-person visits?

The medical practice is based out of Long Beach, CA. Dr. Mo will do home visits in certain circumstances, but this is reserved for rare occasions. Digital Nomad Health is a virtual-first practice.

What if I’m in another state/country?

In order to establish care with our practice, your first appointment must be completed when you are physically located in California. After that, you become the patient of the practice, and regardless of your location, we can continue to offer medical care except for any local laws which would supersede this patient-doctor agreement.

Don’t I need a physical exam?

Each Primary Care appointment is different from the next. Some visits require a physical exam, while others can be managed virtually. To determine which type of appointment you need, it is best to discuss it with your Primary Care physician, who can triage your needs appropriately.

Certain visits clearly fall outside of the scope of a Primary Care appointment, such as a growing abscess or a laceration that needs to be repaired.

In other circumstances, it’s relatively straightforward to perform a general physical exam virtually with the help of the patient. Some of our patients also have their own personal technology to assist in the exam, such as digital otoscopes and EKGs.

What about pap smears?

At this time, we cannot perform physical examinations or preventative screening, which require a visit in-person. A pap smear, a prostate exam, clinical procedures, performing an anoscopy, taking a tissue biopsy, and listening to your heart and lungs are procedures that we cannot do.

When such interventions are necessary, your doctor will inform you of this, and together you can determine how to best get it done, such as by visiting a gynecologist, an urgent care, a walk-in clinic, or choosing alternative modes of diagnosing the condition in question.

Where do I do my blood tests?

We have a few lab partners with whom we contact to get the best prices and the most accurate test results for our patients. When a lab test is needed, we’ll share with you the various options that you have.

Where can I get my prescriptions?

Various online and physical pharmacies with transparent prices help you shop for the most affordable and safe medications.

Most patients choose mail pharmacies to get their medications shipped to them.

For those traveling abroad, your physician at Digital Nomad Health will work with you to choose the best option for obtaining medications.

Can the doctor prescribe medications while I’m abroad?

Most pharmacies in different countries and even different states may not honor a prescription from a physician outside of that jurisdiction.

However, we have several patients who could go to pharmacies with our prescription in Scotland, Mexico, Spain, and Greece and their prescription was honored.

Where is my health data stored?

Your health information is stored with the EHR company whom we contract with. They have their unique security protocols to help ensure that your data is protected. Once enrolled in the practice, you will access this information through your patient portal.

What if I need to be seen after hours?

Your physician has a small panel of patients and will be available throughout the day to take your call or text. However, we do not have a dedicated after-hours phone service since we are a Primary Care practice.

In the case of an emergency, it is best to go to a nearby Emergency Room or activate your local emergency hotline.

Whenever possible, we will try to communicate with you as timely as possible to avoid you having to go somewhere else for your care unless that’s deemed appropriate.

How do I become a member?

We have open enrollments several times per year and you can email us to be notified when the next enrollment opens. Before being placed on the waitlist you and the physician will have a 15-minute call to ensure best fit for the practice.

What’s your health philosophy?

My personal health philosophy is to prioritize healthspan over lifespan by balancing what I enjoy doing with what I should be doing. Exercise, a healthy diet, good quality sleep, and coping with stress are more beneficial to my health than medications, surgeries, or other medical interventions.

However, this is my personal health philosophy which often differs quite a lot from that of my patient’s. Each person is unique and has their personal definition of health, which I hope to discover and honor.

What if I have to go to the ER?

Digital Nomad Health is a Virtual Primary Care practice focusing first on preventing and next managing chronic diseases. Emergenies, urgencies, and care that requires the physical presence of a clinician fall outside of the scope of our practice and we reinforce this information during each and every appointment to ensure patient safety and compliance with state and federal rules and regulations.

Activating your local emergency hotline is always best if an emergency is suspected.

What does my membership cover?

Your monthly membership covers your Primary Care appointment(s) with your physician at Digital Nomad Health. The virtual office visits and access to your physician are ensured with your ongoing subscription.

This Direct Primary Care practice is not insurance, and it does not guarantee health or other services.

Can I cancel my membership?

Please call us or email us, and we can end your membership.

Do I need health insurance?

We recommend that all our patients have some process for any major, unforeseen medical expenses. Traditional health insurance would be such a product.

Many patients also use healthcare cost-sharing services such as Sedera Health or CrowdHealth.

Do you accept health insurance? Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare?

We do not accept health insurance and we also don’t bill any third parties for our services here at Digital Nomad Health.

Due to legal reasons and administrative burdens we cannot make any exception to this rule.

Do you provide a superbill that I can submit to my insurance?

A superbill or an itemized bill is not available from our clinic. Because we don’t participate in any health insurance program we are unable to provide such documentation.

What if I can’t afford my membership?

We offer financial assistance options for patients who have been part of our practice for 12 months or more.

Access to a Primary Care physician is incredibly important, considering that healthcare cost is one of the major financial burdens on the average American.

Why do you charge so much?

At Digital Nomad Health, we operate on tight margins to ensure our members get the best prices possible. Since we don’t have the typical expenses associated with a physical practice, such as rent or a billing team, we can keep our overhead costs low.

To come up with our per-member-per-month cost, we first calculated a living wage for our clinicians and added in any overhead, licensing, malpractice insurance, and practice risk.

The fair living wage was calculated based on a physician who lives in Southern California working a sustainable schedule (30 clinical hours per week) with a reasonable patient load (8 patients per day).

Why do you charge so little?

Here at Digital Nomad Health, our physicians love what they do, and the work is not so difficult as to require a high paycheck to escape from its drudgery.

The less we can charge our members per month, the more impact we can have on their health, which is a contagious process.

We have cut out all unnecessary practice overhead so that we can focus on the patient and the doctor – their relationship is what matters most.

Are you better than a traditional Primary Care doctor?

It’s unlikely that any Primary Care doctor is far superior to another. Ignoring those burnt out and a few bad apples, the knowledge base in Primary Care is fairly straightforward.

Here at Digital Nomad Health, we don’t have a monopoly on information; we have no secret sauce other than personal touch and deep, meaningful connections with our patients.

What EHR do you use?

We keep technology to a minimum and therefore do not commit to one platform over another. To keep the practice dynamic and adaptable we anticipate switching EHR/EMRs whenever the price or services by the vendor don’t match our values.

We are currently using Akute Health and anticipate switching to Hint Health shortly. We do everything possible to avoid frustration for our members with constant platform changes.

How do you communicate with me?

We are currently using Spruce Health to communicate with our patients.