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Checking Your Blood Sugar Without a CGM

Many non-diabetic individuals ask about a CGM because they want to know their blood sugar. With this information, they hope to decide what to eat and what not to eat. But there is an easier way to monitor your blood sugars without a CGM. For my patients, I often suggest a handheld glucometer, like the […]

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When Does Exercising to Lose Weight Work

Over the years, many of my patients have approached weight loss through exercise. This requires a lot of exertion, which can increase the risk of injury and lead to burnout. And though exercise remains an important lifestyle tool, it is far more effective for those with rather lean body mass types. For those getting started […]

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How to Lower Non-Diabetic A1C

A patient recently showed me their A1C of 5.5 and expressed their concerns, wanting to lower it closer to 5.0. The main reason for this was that she knew from the research data that all-cause mortality is higher for those with a higher A1C, even if they don’t have diabetes. So, how can we lower […]

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Weight Loss Medication Selection

On occasion, we have patients who need weight management consulting. I’m less worried about someone who is overweight and only worried about obesity when there are major health risks. So when is it time for weight loss medication? Often, when traditional weight loss methods fail. Weight Loss Medication Options Though the media advertises GLP1 medications […]

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The Glucose Goddess Method of Blood Sugar Control

Here at DNH, we view the body as a whole, all systems working in harmony for our wellbeing. To feel well, the body has to function properly, and there is nothing more vital for this purpose than our metabolic system – in charge of metabolizing blood sugar. A topic that the Glucose Goddess Method explains […]

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How to Decrease Hunger Cravings

Hunger has an emotional and hormonal component. Or perhaps these are one and the same process. But it makes more sense to consider them two separate factors since they can be manipulated to decrease hunger cravings. Hormonal Emotional Insulin Boredom Ghrelin Stress Leptin Anxiety Cortisol Exhaustion Hormonal Factors Our patients who use continuous glucose monitors […]

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How to Prevent Muscle Loss With Age

We lose muscle mass with age because of hormone changes and because muscle cells lose their ability to repair themselves. Many lose muscle mass also because they move around less and do less resistance training. The main problem with losing muscle mass is that muscle cells are critical for maintaining blood sugar and even lipid […]

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Clever Ways of Reducing Salt Intake

We loved a recent video by Nutrition Made Simple where the author points out the risks of excess salt in the diet. And he also discusses clever ways of reducing salt intake. See the link above to watch the entire video. High Salt Intake Most of us consume too much salt because we get it […]

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Preventing BPH

Mainstream medicine is often concerned with how to treat BPH, but here at Digital Nomad Health, we ask how to prevent BPH. Preventing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is our main concern, and treating it is secondary. Causes of BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia seems to happen due to changes in hormone levels and inflammation. The following are […]

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Raising GLP1 Naturally

Medications such as semaglutide have given us a more mainstream understanding of the importance of GLP1s. As these medications mimic the activity of this molecule, we can raise GLP1s naturally in the body. The Source of GLP1 This molecule is considered a hormone in the body and is produced by cells in the intestines and […]