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Taking Vitamin D

A few years ago, all the rave was about Vitamin C and, later, Calcium. Either or both were reported to prevent heart disease, colds, and even cancer. Now, it’s Vitamin D, right after we lost our flavor for magnesium. My patients ask, should I be taking Vitamin D? History of Supplement Fads Looking at the […]

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Our Blood Pressure Philosophy

In this ‘ philosophy ‘ series, I’ll share our approach to managing blood pressure. Our philosophy is based on recent research, clinical experience, patient outcomes, professional guidelines from the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia, and input from world experts in hypertension. We don’t base our clinical philosophy on professional societies that are influenced by the […]

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Colon Cancer Prevention

Preventing colon cancer is much better than trying to treat it. That’s our approach here at Digital Nomad Health: prevent anything that’s preventable to minimize disease and health spending. Colon cancer prevention mostly involves focusing on diet, but we also need to discuss colon polyps. Colon Polyps All colon cancers grow from smaller colon polyps, […]

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Checking Your Blood Sugar Without a CGM

Many non-diabetic individuals ask about a CGM because they want to know their blood sugar. With this information, they hope to decide what to eat and what not to eat. But there is an easier way to monitor your blood sugars without a CGM. For my patients, I often suggest a handheld glucometer, like the […]

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Virtual Primary Care Treats Loneliness

Perhaps you’ve heard that loneliness is a cause of many mental and physical health problems in modern societies. The average human being is a social creature and has grown up with many social interactions. As we grow older, these ties disappear, and it’s common for people to find themselves in profound loneliness. For many, virtual […]

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Preventing Knee Replacement Surgery

Right around the 6th and 7th decade of life, quite a few of my patients face the decision of a joint replacement, often the knees. In this article, I’ll discuss preventing knee replacement surgery since it’s one of the major surgeries many will have in their lives. Understanding Osteoarthritis The main reason people end up […]

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The Fear of Lifelong Medication Prescriptions

The biggest medication fear my patients share with me is the fear of lifelong medication, especially for conditions like high cholesterol, hypertension, or heart disease. Fortunately, no medication has to be taken forever. You have choices, and each choice has certain consequences, good and bad. Medications Aren’t Forever In mainstream medicine, it’s common to start […]

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How Not to Die In Your 40s

When a 45-year-old male patient comes into my clinic focused on preventing their major causes of death and disease, they rarely think about accidents and suicide. Those are, in fact, the major causes of death in this age group. Here are some ideas based on current US stats for how not to die in your […]

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3 Different Cancer Types

When we screen someone for cancer, we are trying to catch the cancer that can be treated to prevent the person from dying early from that cancer. To understand why screening and treatment aren’t very straightforward, let’s talk about 3 different cancer types. Check out Dr. Prasad’s article on this topic to understand how he, […]

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Exercise Anywhere: Fitness Routines for Disease Prevention

At Digital Nomad Health, we’re all about disease prevention. The disease you prevent is the disease you don’t have to treat. Today, I’ll discuss fitness routines for disease prevention. The current healthcare system offers customers health insurance, which is really illness insurance, to prevent them from suffering a major financial catastrophe. But relying on this […]