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Book Review of Metabolical by Dr. Lustig

The book Metabolical by Dr. Lustig is a lot like other books on the topic of how nutrition and diet affect our health. He dives a little deeper into the biochemical pathways and points out how the food system in the world isn’t always build to support our health. His stance is that we can’t […]

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The Importance of Skin Health to Prevent Allergies

The skin is the main immune barrier and protects the body from chemicals and compounds that might wreak havoc should they enter the bloodstream. There are some common reasons our skin protection can fail, as I’ll discuss here. The importance of skin health is at the core of preventing unwanted chemicals from setting off our […]

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Reversible Causes of AFib – Atrial Fibrillation

A great book by Drs. Day and Bunch, titled The AFib Cure, is a recommended read for our patients who are at risk of AFib or who have the diagnosis. In this article, I’d like to review a few of the common causes and explain how to reverse AFib or prevent the recurrence of it. […]

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Predicting Dementia Risk

We have good tools these days to predict dementia risk in a person using risk calculators that collect lifestyle and medical history data. Blood tests and imaging studies can also be used, but they often only add more color to the substance. For those who are quite healthy, their biggest health risk may be aging […]

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Weight Loss Medication Selection

On occasion, we have patients who need weight management consulting. I’m less worried about someone who is overweight and only worried about obesity when there are major health risks. So when is it time for weight loss medication? Often, when traditional weight loss methods fail. Weight Loss Medication Options Though the media advertises GLP1 medications […]

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What Causes Back Pain in an Older Person?

You are 60 years old, active, and healthy, and besides the mattress looking a bit too yellow, there is no reason for you to have this back pain. So, what could cause this back pain? In this article, we’ll break it down from most likely to least likely, and I’ll offer some pointers to improve […]

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Safely Putting on Muscle Mass

Resistance training is one of the best tools to improve overall health. It enhances joint function, metabolic health, and increases bone density. And though resistance training doesn’t necessarily always add lean muscle mass to your body, when done strategically, it can be used for safely putting on muscle mass. The video’s cover image might not […]

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What Are Your Health Goals?

As a patient and a physician, I don’t recall anyone ever asking me what my health goals are, but here it goes. My goal is to feel emotionally and physically well, given the lifestyle I enjoy well into my 60s. I suspect that this is a bit broad, and my physician should be able to […]

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Your Cash Pay Clinic in Los Angeles

Welcome to Digital Nomad Health, where we address health from the bottom up instead of the top down. You: Already healthy and health savvy. Us: Keep you healthy and prevent common chronic diseases down the line. We’re a Cash-Based Practice For our California patients, our virtual clinic is a cash-pay practice with transparent pricing. We […]

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Preventing Colon Cancer Through Lifestyle Choices

Preventing colon cancer is a better use of your time and energy than screening for it or treating it. That should intuitively make sense, but of course, it isn’t always easy to do. Before we dive into this topic, it’s important to understand the process of scientific research; there can be an odd article here […]