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How to Screen for AFib

Atrial fibrillation is when the heart’s electrical system fails to produce proper heartbeats, often due to fibrosis of the heart muscle. It can lead to heart failure and strokes, which is why it’s an important condition to detect early. Here is how to screen for AFib at home, especially if you are at high risk […]

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Getting a Second Medical Opinion

You just finished your ortho appointment, and the surgeon told you you need an ACL reconstruction. But researching it online, you come across someone’s negative experience with the surgery and find others who claim that it’s an unnecessary surgery. At this point, a second medical opinion seems like a good idea, but how do you […]

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Preventing Colon Cancer Through Lifestyle Choices

Preventing colon cancer is a better use of your time and energy than screening for it or treating it. That should intuitively make sense, but of course, it isn’t always easy to do. Before we dive into this topic, it’s important to understand the process of scientific research; there can be an odd article here […]

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Tracking Biomarkers for Health

The human body is complex, but certain things seem to be certain – lower body mass index, more muscle mass, less visceral fat, lower average blood sugars, and lower average blood pressure seem to be great biomarkers to track. Book a session with us today to track your biomarkers! What’s Your Health Goal? The first […]

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Being Your Own Doctor

The biohacking community has grown, and detailed clinical information is readily available. And yet, the practice of medicine, the art of medicine, is why you can’t be your doctor. Many of us physicians try to be our own doctors and we fail. We miss something obvious or go down the wrong path. And most importantly, […]

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Early Cancer Detection Tests

We don’t run early cancer detection tests here at Digital Nomad Health, but we have good resources for our patients who want to be proactive with cancer care. Our focus remains on what we can do to decrease the risk of cancer but it’s important to arm our patients with existing resources. Early Cancer Detection […]

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Health Screening – The Business Side

Hello, Dr. Mo here with Digital Nomad Health. When I used to work at Kaiser Permanente, primary care was a health screening business where patients were fed into specialty groups, and documentation determined how much Medicare would reimburse KP. Not much has changed. That is why direct pay models are essential to ensure patient health. […]

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Health Planning Before Traveling

Before traveling abroad as a digital nomad or retiring overseas as an expat, there are a few health planning tips to consider. As a virtual Primary Care clinic, we often manage our patient’s health once they end up overseas. With some planning, it can make the process much easier. 1. Find a Doctor Whether it’s […]

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Patient-Doctor, Therapeutic Alliance

In medical school, physicians are taught to view diseases and scientific processes and approach diagnosis and treatment similarly. Once in practice, however, it’s not diseases that physicians treat but individuals – unique people, each with their own twist on life. It’s the therapeutic alliance these two individuals strike up that uncovers conditions called ‘diseases,’ and […]

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Inflammatory Markers – Intervening

Healthcare is complicated enough, and here you have a doctor discussing inflammatory markers. But, hear us out; such markers can be used as a guide to direct your focus on health. Here at DN Health the goal is to use the right data for the right health intervention. Sign up today to join our practice. […]