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Your Cash Pay Clinic in Los Angeles

Welcome to Digital Nomad Health, where we address health from the bottom up instead of the top down. You: Already healthy and health savvy. Us: Keep you healthy and prevent common chronic diseases down the line.

We’re a Cash-Based Practice

For our California patients, our virtual clinic is a cash-pay practice with transparent pricing. We don’t accept insurance because we prefer to deal with our patients directly.

As a family medicine trained physician with extensive urgent care experience, Dr. Mo’s main expertise is in keeping you healthy, which you’ve already done a great job of. We’ll help you identify what conditions you might be at risk for and support you in addressing them one by one.

Cash Pay Clinic in Los Angeles

We’re based out of Long Beach, CA and will do house calls in limited cases. However, the majority of our visits are virtual in nature.

A virtual practice has the advantage of being more flexible, and we can see our patients wherever they are – whether in California or on the other side of the world.

This cash pay clinic in Los Angeles may one day become a physical practice. For now, we offer same-day appointments and ongoing consultations to address your health needs.

Virtual Medical Care

Most of our patients use our services to consult on their health. Sometimes, we offer second medical opinions and review detailed charts, images, and lab results. Other times we act as patient liaisons to empower and support our patients when they are traveling or have found themselves in complex medical situations.

As a virtual medical practice, we are experts at digital communication, making it easy for you to get an appointment and communicate with Dr. Mo.

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