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Book Review of Ultra- Processed People

The most important message from Van Tulleken’s book Ultra Processed People is that unhealthy eating habits aren’t due to a lack of willpower or self-control. We must recognize the powerful influence of our food environment. Without social changes, our genetics are drawn to making unhealthy food choices.

Ultra Processed Foods

We must constantly change the terminology around food because the food industry is perpetually on the defensive. If you say processed food is bad, they’ll claim that even yogurt is processed.

The reality is that there is a vast gray area in food processing. Meat is processed when it’s cooked. Grains are processed to turn them into bread. And potatoes – well, you couldn’t eat them raw.

Ultra-processed is the term used to differentiate between processing food for palatability and changing the food to make the consumer addicted to it.

How To Eat in America

I believe the author is a physician in the UK, though he offers great insight into America’s food system. Avoiding ultra-processed food is the main message of Ultra-Processed People.

Cooking at home is tedious, but as Van Tulleken says, many of our ancestors have managed to work and cook and run fairly healthy lifestyles.

If you’re going to process your food, it’s best to process it yourself. Alternatively, you can trust a local processor you trust to maintain the sustainability of that food.

Overall Message

Ultra-Processed People empowers readers to understand the dangers of ultra-processed foods. The additives and chemicals used have a terrible track record.

The food industry has the job of making money by selling their foods. Meaning they don’t have our best health interest in mind.

In this book review of Ultra-Processed People, I want my readers to feel empowered by understanding how certain food ingredients can affect your health. Understanding this will make you much more likely to make better food choices.

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