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3 Different Cancer Types

When we screen someone for cancer, we are trying to catch the cancer that can be treated to prevent the person from dying early from that cancer. To understand why screening and treatment aren’t very straightforward, let’s talk about 3 different cancer types. Check out Dr. Prasad’s article on this topic to understand how he, […]

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Exercise Anywhere: Fitness Routines for Disease Prevention

At Digital Nomad Health, we’re all about disease prevention. The disease you prevent is the disease you don’t have to treat. Today, I’ll discuss fitness routines for disease prevention. The current healthcare system offers customers health insurance, which is really illness insurance, to prevent them from suffering a major financial catastrophe. But relying on this […]

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Nutrition Essentials: Building a Healthy Diet Plan in the Digital Age

Building a healthy diet plan is essential whether you’re working from home or commuting to work. It’s one of the facets of chronic disease prevention. Of course, one can overly obsess over food, too. It’s best to come up with a good plan, keep it flexible, and adjust based on ongoing needs. Cooking at Home […]

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Factors That Increase The Risk of a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are preventable. That’s our mission here at Digital Nomad Health, to help our patients prevent ever having a heart attack. For this, we need to know the factors that increase the risk of a heart attack. Some of these are modifiable and worth focusing on. Certain risk factors are not only modifiable but […]

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How to Find a Primary Care Doctor

I ask my patients how they found me, and they often say it was through LinkedIn or word of mouth. I found my own primary care doctor by word of mouth. To find a primary care doctor, it’s helpful to ask around, but it’s also necessary to find someone you connect with. Your Particular Health […]

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Nomad Medical Services

Healthcare is unpredictable, and aside from job changes, moves, and changing health insurance, plenty of other unpredictibilities keep you from prioritizing your health. At Digital Nomad Health, my goal is to make healthcare more accessible to my patients by offering nomad medical services to those who don’t have a set location. As a fellow digital […]

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When Does Exercising to Lose Weight Work

Over the years, many of my patients have approached weight loss through exercise. This requires a lot of exertion, which can increase the risk of injury and lead to burnout. And though exercise remains an important lifestyle tool, it is far more effective for those with rather lean body mass types. For those getting started […]

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Texting Your Doctor

There is no reason why patients can’t text their doctor when they need their health issues addressed. I text my handyman when something is wrong in my house. But why has US healthcare evolved to exclude texting your doctor? The Risk of Texting From a medical-legal perspective, if my patient texts me that they are […]

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Book Review of Ultra- Processed People

The most important message from Van Tulleken’s book Ultra Processed People is that unhealthy eating habits aren’t due to a lack of willpower or self-control. We must recognize the powerful influence of our food environment. Without social changes, our genetics are drawn to making unhealthy food choices. Ultra Processed Foods We must constantly change the […]

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Staying Medication Free in the US

About 80% of Americans take OTC medication, and 50% are on some sort of prescription medication. It’s not for me to say if this is good or bad. But in my practice, I attract a group of patients whose goal is staying medication free. Let’s unravel that a bit. Prescription Medication Usage in the US […]