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7 Ways To Change a Habit

Changing a habit is a wonderful skill to develop, which improves health more than any medications or treatment we’ve developed in Western Medicine. We’ve addressed habit change in the past because it has the power to transform the health of our patients. In fact, it’s a skill like any other skill that anyone can develop […]

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Strength, Flexibility, Stability

Our patients here at Digital Nomad Health are interested in living a better quality of life with less disease and less medical intervention. One way to achieve this is developing the perfect harmony of strength, flexibility, and stability – we refer to this as Strength-Flow. 1. Strength Lifting weights or any resistance training isn’t just […]

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Preventing BPH

Mainstream medicine is often concerned with how to treat BPH, but here at Digital Nomad Health, we ask how to prevent BPH. Preventing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is our main concern, and treating it is secondary. Causes of BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia seems to happen due to changes in hormone levels and inflammation. The following are […]

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Raising GLP1 Naturally

Medications such as semaglutide have given us a more mainstream understanding of the importance of GLP1s. As these medications mimic the activity of this molecule, we can raise GLP1s naturally in the body. The Source of GLP1 This molecule is considered a hormone in the body and is produced by cells in the intestines and […]

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Changing Habits: The Miracle Drug

Undoubtedly, the hardest thing I’ve ever undertaken in life has been changing my habits from stopping fast food to prioritizing sleep to setting healthy boundaries with friends and family. Here at Digital Nomad Health, we are all about disease prevention. Treatments are great when they are the right fit but always come with many side […]

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A Health Strategy For Health Decisions

How to decide what to do and what not to do for your health. Because we are constantly facing health decisions and marketing experts hope that we make one choice over another. A personal health strategy will make health decisions easier. It’s tough enough making decisions about our health but it’s even tougher when you’re […]

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Preventing Cancer

As a Primary Care practice, we focus on preventing disease over treating it. An example we use is that regular oil changes on a car will preserve the drive train and make eventual repairs easier and less costly. Preventing cancer is similar in the human body. Leading Causes of Cancer We know that inflammation, genetic […]

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Making it Easy to See the Doctor

One of the main reasons patients are frustrated and angry is their clinic access. There are numerous barriers to overcome to connect with one’s doctor. But it’s important to make it easy to see the doctor to ensure proper patient access. The physician is buried behind a huge administrative wall in the mainstream healthcare model. […]

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Medical Cost Sharing Plans

At Digital Nomad Health, we are experts at helping patients navigate Medical cost-sharing plans and help them maintain their ideal health. This article will discuss what MCSPs are and why we focus our care on their members. These are alternatives to health insurance with key differences to consider. Some groups, like CrowdHealth, refer to their […]

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Health Screening – The Business Side

Hello, Dr. Mo here with Digital Nomad Health. When I used to work at Kaiser Permanente, primary care was a health screening business where patients were fed into specialty groups, and documentation determined how much Medicare would reimburse KP. Not much has changed. That is why direct pay models are essential to ensure patient health. […]