About Dr. Mo

I started practicing telemedicine in 2015. Running my own virtual primary care practice means I get to make a more meaningful impact on the health of my patients. I’m obsessed with disease prevention which is a more effective strategy than treating chronic disease.

My Resume

I have practiced in many healthcare settings, from a free clinic in Compton, California, to an HMO in Oregon. Primary care medicine is important for the prevention of diseases and the management of chronic conditions.

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Exercise, nutrition, and mental health are my most important go-tos for ideal health. And I have found that I do best with patients with a similar outlook.

I empower my patients and educate them to achieve lasting clinical results. That is because primary care medicine is based on a healthy patient-doctor relationship.

I believe that health is an equilibrium between disease and healing. While my patients will swing back and forth, our goal is to allow the body to heal itself.

Practice Style

As a Western medicine-trained physician, I have the luxury of choosing between the most scientifically backed options for my patients.

Technology in the healing process has its place. But when is it the right time to incorporate data from a Continuous Glucose Monitor? What would a Coronary Calcium Score add to the picture if lifestyle factors aren’t yet optimized?

I am passionate about the science of medicine and consider myself well-read in functional, integrative, and holistic medicine. But these cannot stand alone, and the mainstay of health should be prevention and relying on the body’s natural ability to heal.

Mohammad Ashori MD

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