About Dr. Mo

I started practicing telemedicine in 2015. Running my own virtual primary care practice means that I get to make a more meaningful impact on the health of my patients.

My Resume

I have practiced in many different healthcare settings from a free clinic in Compton, California to an HMO in Portland, Oregon. Primary care medicine is important for the prevention of diseases and the management of chronic conditions.


I have realized that exercise, nutrition, and mental health are my most important go-tos for ideal health. And I have found that I do best with patients who have a similar outlook.

It’s important that I empower my patients and share my knowledge with them. Primary care is a relationship and there are always obstacles to tackle together.

Practice Style

As a western medicine-trained physician I have a lot of faith in health technology only after we have exhausted lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, stress, and sleep control.

I am passionate about the science of medicine and consider myself well-read in functional, integrative, and holistic medicine. But these cannot stand alone and the mainstay of health should be prevention and relying on the body’s natural ability to heal.

-Mohammad Ashori MD

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