Virtual Primary Care for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Health offers subscription-based primary care for digital nomads based out of California.

The long-term patient-doctor relationship is more important than ever in a profit-first healthcare environment.

-Dr. Mo

Virtual Primary Care

A virtual primary care doctor can help you maintain your ideal health, manage chronic conditions, and optimize your lifespan and healthspan.

At Digital Nomad Health, our appointments are 1 hour long and, because of a small patient panel, are easy to arrange based on your schedule.

An ongoing primary care subscription is $125 per month per person, with a $100 initiation fee.

If interested, email Dr. Mo for an introductory session.

The Logistics of Digital Nomad Health

Focusing on your health journey, Digital Nomad Health is built as a virtual-first primary care clinic to address all preventative and clinical health dilemmas.

Subscription-Based Medical Practice

As a cash-pay practice and a subscription-based model, we focus on your health and not billing or optimizing for profit.

Rooted in Western Medicine, the practice builds on a strong, long-term patient-doctor relationship. With this trust, we work together to utilize preventative strategies and overcome health obstacles.

Patient-Centric Clinical Care

The individual is the CEO of their health; the physician identifies risk and coordinates care to achieve their individual health objective.

Especially when you have multiple specialists involved in your care, it’s necessary to have a single point of contact, the primary care physician who coordinates the care.

Making Healthcare Affordable

To ensure affordable care, Digital Nomad Health has strong relationships with various cash-based surgical centers and labs.

We get competitive pricing on medications and diagnostic services.